Dry Skin Winter Blues…Eating These 5 Foods Will Help

Posted by Nicole on 6th Jan 2015

The winter season is upon us and we all know what that means, cold and dry weather. This type of weather wreaks havoc on our skin causing it to become dry, itchy and dull. If you are like most, you t … read more

I'll Drink to That...The Benefits of Water

Posted by Nicole on 2nd Jan 2015

Recently, I stumbled upon an article online entitled, “Woman Drinks 3 Liters Of Water Every Day, And The Final Results Were Shocking” and instantly I became intrigued. I started Planned Perfectly- N … read more

Welcome to Planned Perfectly’s Blog

11th Oct 2014

Here you will learn what’s going on with Planned Perfectly, new products we will debuting and interesting articles about natural and not so natural skin care products and routines. So from head to t … read more