“The Positive Effect” is my passion…what’s yours?

Posted by Nicole on 8th Jan 2015

“I had to get my kids some help!” That was my determination when first embarking upon my natural skincare venture. It was all about family and the premise that commercial chemically filled products or steroid based products were not the right fit. Throughout the years, that thought process still holds true; but now instead of it just being about my family, it has extended to friends, co-workers, associates and many other wonderful people that I have met.

I truly am a believer of the power in natural skincare and its positive effect on the persons in which I can share it with. The Positive Effect is what fuels my passion/addiction for creating healthy alternatives for skincare issues. I love hearing back from previous persons who have tried my products tell me how better there skin feels and looks. Or see people who have come to me with a certain skin issue to only visible see the transformation.

For instance, my husband has a co-worker who has become a regular customer of mine. She heavily favors our Sunshine Lemonade sugar body scrub and whipped Shea butter products. Because she has freely informed various family members in her family about the benefits of natural products, she often recounts stories of having to hide the products from her son and niece because they will “borrow” them only to not return. While these stories are very funny, they touch my heart and motivate me to grow and expand.

So I am glad that I took the leap from using natural products to help my family and friends to encouraging others to have faith in the power of natural products and the overall benefit.