5 Ways to Combat Winter Skin

Posted by Nicole on 14th Dec 2016

Do You Get Winter Skin?On average, a person loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture in the winter. Cold and dry air outside (lack of humidity) causes the water in your skin to evaporat … read more

Fall is Coming…Is Your Skin Ready? 6 Steps to Help

Posted by Nicole on 1st Aug 2015

Whether you want to believe it or not, autumn’s cooler weather and shorter days are really weeks around the corner. I know don’t cry. I for one, am not looking forward to the season after Fall…Winte … read more

Oatmeal Baths Stop the Itch! Check Out the Recipe

Posted by Nicole on 8th Feb 2015

About three weeks ago, out of nowhere my son developed an un-explainable rash that covered him from head to toe. We ruled out allergic reactions to food, tested him for a host of illnesses that cam … read more

Help My Lips Are Dry? 3 Things You Can Do to Help!

Posted by Nicole on 3rd Feb 2015

We have all been there…I was there the other day waiting for my kid at the bus stop. The wind was blowing, the chill was in the air and my poor lips were suffering at the mercy of the cold and ruth … read more

“The Positive Effect” is my passion…what’s yours?

Posted by Nicole on 8th Jan 2015

“I had to get my kids some help!” That was my determination when first embarking upon my natural skincare venture. It was all about family and the premise that commercial chemically filled products … read more